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Criminal Defense Lawyer

Not all criminal defense cases are as serious as capital murder, and we treat “minor crimes” just as seriously. A simple traffic ticket, for example, can have unforeseen ramifications, such as ridiculous fines, loss or suspension of your driver’s license, and other consequences that could seriously limit your quality of life. No case is too small for attorney Warren Freeman, and your free initial consultation is waiting.

Warren Freeman Attorney at Law has over 20 years representing clients when the stakes are highest. He knows the system and the people in it. Contact Warren Freeman Attorney at Law immediately. He’s the one you need in your corner.

Unforgiving Penalties

The penalties for possession and/or trafficking of these substances can range from misdemeanors, which can result in fines up to $6,000, to felonies, which can result in lengthy prison sentences and fines up to $30,000. Repeat offenders can face life behind bars. If you have been convicted of possession and/or trafficking of a controlled dangerous substance in the state of Alabama, Warren Freeman Attorney at Law can assess the strength of the case against you, as well as your chances of retaining freedom, reducing charges, and reaching the most favorable possible outcome should you need to go to trial.

Dedicated & Aggressive Defense

In the state of Alabama, criminal offenses are classified as felonies or misdemeanors. Felonies like theft and murder, of course, are more serious crimes with the likelihood of jail time and exorbitant fines. Convicted felons are faced with a rash of other consequences as well, such as mandatory community service, counseling, and surprise drug tests. Furthermore, a felony conviction can follow a person for the rest of her or his life, prohibiting her or him from certain employment and a number of other privileges. In other words, if you’ve been convicted of a felony, your overall quality of life is on the line. It’s absolutely imperative you contact Warren Freeman Attorney at Law immediately. We’ll hear you out, assess your case, and fight diligently to preserve your freedom.

Criminal Defense Case History

Attorney Warren Freeman has over 20 years experience serving clients in serious, high-profile cases. Below, you’ll find a selection of cases we fought and won for some of our previous clients. We don’t mess around. Let us put our expertise to work for you!

  • State of Alabama vs. Virginia Ogunmodede
    Case No. CC-04-1502 in the Circuit Court of Calhoun County, Alabama
    Virginia Ogunmodede, 43, was accused of murder after stabbing her boyfriend 11 times.
  • State of Alabama vs. Byron Scott Wright
    Case No. CC-96-42 in the Circuit Court of Cleburne County
    Byron was charged with killing the victim with a high powered rifle, shooting him in the back of the leg.
Other (Life Imprisonment)
  • State of Alabama vs Dale Peters
    Case No. CR-01-2272 in the Court of Criminal Appeals
    In this case, the Defendant was alleged to have 150 pounds of marijuana in the back of his truck, and the Court of Criminal Appeals ruled that the case was the subject of an illegal search and the case was remanded to Circuit Court and dismissed.
  • State of Alabama vs. Travis Westbrook
    Case No. CC-99-936
    Defendant was charged with arson.
Capital Murder
  • State of Alabama vs. Walter Dron Poythress
    Case No. CC-2007-85 in the Circuit Court of Randolph County, Alabama
    In this case, the Defendant originally was facing the death penalty and the case was settled with Poythress pleading to manslaughter with his sentence split to time served.
  • State of Alabama vs. Lendon Kiker
    Case No. CC-2011-05 in the circuit Court of Randolph County, Alabama
    In this case, the Defendant, originally facing the death penalty, plead guilty to murder and was sentenced to 20 years. He was alleged to have beaten his pregnant girlfriend to death.
  • State of Alabama vs. Shannon Brown
    Brown, along with two other Defendants, was alleged to have robbed and killed four (4) elderly people. Defendant entered a guilty plea, sparing his life, and was sentenced to life without parole.
  • State of Alabama vs. Terry Thomas
    Case No. CC-97-32 in the Circuit Court of Cleburne County, Alabama
    Defendant was charged with the murder (blunt force trauma to the head) of his minor child.

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