I couldn’t be more pleased with Warren Freeman and his amazing assisitant, Valerie. I had multiple felony drug charges that had been hanging over my head for nearly 4 years. Since those charges were brought against me, I had turned my life around and became the person that I was intended to be. Warren saw that. He listened to my story, he cared and he made sure he did everything in his power to get the outcome I truly deserved. In Warren’s words I was ” a true sucess story” and he wasn’t going to let that go without being heard. He went over and beyond by meeting with the District Attorney multiple times to discuss my case. Even After negotiating a plea deal that I never dreamed possible, he still went back AGAIN and laid my story out- showing how I had turned my life around-and getting me an even better deal than before. Warren cared. He believed in me and my story. I will be forever grateful for the time and commitment he gave to my case.


He has handled multiple legal matters for me in the past three years, all, with favorable results. He has always proved to be knowledgeable about the best way to handle each legal situation. He is very hard working and well prepared.

– Bobby

Mr. Freeman is the only attorney I have ever trusted! He has handled several legal matters for me recently and in the past. He is honest and takes the time to answer any questions I have and makes sure that I understand. He is a good person and a great attorney! Gets the job done!

– Zach

Most of us have a time in our life when we are faced with tragedy or a crisis and we need to hire an attorney, this choice is one of the most important decisions we choose when your life or record is at stake. Mr. Warren Freeman is phenomenal, he makes you feel like you are his only client, that you are number one. He is there for you immediately and follows through to get things done. Mr. Freeman is passionate about his career and it shows. His secretary couldn’t be more helpful and kind working alongside him making you feel as if you were family. He will always have a place in my heart as my saving angel.

– Kara

Our family would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Attorney Warren Freeman and his wonderful staff members, Melinda and Paige! During a very difficult season in our family’s lives they have provided excellent, caring legal support, helping us navigate through extremely stressful circumstances. Time and effort put forth on our family’s behalf went beyond any and all expectations. Many times we showed up at their office without an appointment and were graciously received! Countless phone calls and messages always returned! Warren and his staff have become more than just legal counsel and representation, they have become trusted and respected friends. Service given was excellent!

– The Abston Family

I hired Mr. Freeman on a criminal case and he and his legal secretary went above what needed to be done. I appreciate what he has done for me.


I believe that going through a divorce is the most unnerving, emotional experience you can face. Having Mr. Freeman and Valerie on your side will make all the difference. They saved me from a complete breakdown. My life was restored and Now I’m back with my children and grandchildren, He stayed in touch and walked me through everything. In court you can just see the respect the Judge has for him; he is treated differently than other attorneys. I can never repay him enough for what he gave me.


After enlisting Warren Freeman to execute a “Last Will & Testament”, for my ease of mind. I suddenly found myself involved in a complex “Traffic violation situation”. After only one consultation and his assistance in Court, the charges were dismissed saving me thousands of dollars and not to mention “miles of red tape”.

Dennis S.

My name is Philip Allen, I highly recommend if you have ANY legal situation going on that you go to Mr. Freeman. I had a DUI and he helped me beat the case. I have me CDL and I appreciate all the help they he provided for me so that I could keep my CDL. He is an awesome lawyer, intelligent straight forward guy that is willing to help anyone who needs the help.

I highly recommend Mr. Freeman as an attorney. I had a case in Clay County on a misdemeanor charge and he went above his duty to get this case settled.


I live about 70 miles from the area, and because of something that happened on a family trip to Cheaha State Park, I found myself in need of legal representation and had no idea where to even start. However, through some research, I was able to find Mr. Warren Freeman’s office, and now months later, I am so very grateful I walked through those very welcoming doors. He took the time and listened to my entire situation without making me feel rushed. I was extremely concerned about what the outcome would ultimately be because I had never been charged with anything before in my life, however, Mr. Freeman was comforting and reassured me by providing me the insight into his experiences and ability to navigate the legal system within the county. Furthermore, his administrative legal assistant, Valerie, was also very patient every time I called to check in, and she also reassured me repeatedly throughout the ‘waiting period’ until the court date. I showed up to court without any idea of what to expect, because this was all so new to me, I was so worried because the possible punishments could have been extensive. However, by retaining Mr Freeman, I found out, there was no reason to worry. Thanks to his relationships, his knowledge of the county interworking, and the tactic he took in his approach to my case, I was able to walk away from that courthouse in under 30 minutes with a full dismissal, and only a nominal court cost to pay as I left. I was completely shocked and obviously incredibly pleased.  Because of Warren Freeman, and his team, I can put this whole experience behind me without it tarnishing my record long-term. Please do not hesitate to hire Mr. Freeman as your legal counsel as he will treat your case with utmost concern and care, no matter what specific issue you are faced with that needs expertise to achieve resolution.


In August 2023 I was arrested for possession of under an ounce of THC in Heflin Alabama. I was referred to Mr. freeman’s law office by a friend. My first experience was extremely helpful starting with the customer service from Miss Valerie at the front desk. Valerie had a pleasant attitude as she answered all my questions at the same time giving me documents to fill out and sign. Then later talking to Mr. Freeman about my case. I was relieved and more confident that I had made the right decision in working with Mr. Freeman. What stood out to me was that they really give each individual special attention while taking time to help understand what are the options. I would recommend to anyone who needs legal assistance to call Mr. Freeman. And as far as my possession case?, it was dismissed under conditions that I paid the court fees. There is no conviction on my record.


I had a possession of marijuana 2nd case in Clay County and Mr. Freeman got my case dismissed. He has excellent service, very respectful, very professional and very friendly. 100% would call again if I’m ever in a pickle.


I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude towards Mr Freeman and his staff, I truly believe they went above and beyond to help me, and I know I wouldn’t not have the life I do now without them . I hope I never will need him again. But if I do he will be my first call and I’ll know I’ll have the best at my back.

– Thomas Dodson