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Theft Crimes, also known as Larceny, come in varying forms in the state of Alabama. The best thing you can do if you’re charged with a theft crime is to contact a criminal defense attorney in Alabama. Warren Freeman has helped countless clients all throughout Alabama. He’s helped those accused of crimes defend their rights and secure their freedom. If you’re a suspect or have been charged in a theft, larceny, or any sort of crime in Alabama you need a criminal defense attorney who knows their way around the law and who’ll defend you aggressively. 

Theft crimes in Alabama can be both misdemeanors and felonies. You could face severe penalties including fines, imprisonment, and a stained criminal record. Shoplifting, grand theft auto, theft of property, and robbery can all be extremely detrimental to your future and your rights.

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Alabama Laws on Larceny

Misdemeanor Theft

Shoplifting is considered Theft in the 3d Degree in Alabama. This is a Class A misdemeanor. Now, while this kind of theft is only informally known as shoplifting, it does apply to a specific dollar value of whatever was stolen. Still, most shoplifting crimes are misdemeanors because the law states that the value of the item(s) stolen must not exceed $500. 

Theft in the 3rd degree is a misdemeanor offense, this means that there are a few possible consequences. Namely, a person can see a fine of up to $6,000. Jail time is also possible with up to a year in county jail. Class A Misdemeanors are the most serious type of misdemeanor. Hence the strict consequences of a potential conviction. 

Felony Theft

Theft crimes are prosecuted punitively in Alabama because courts try to make an example out of these types of crimes. They are categorized by degree and dollar value. Only Theft in the 3rd Degree is a misdemeanor. As we mentioned above it is tied to stolen property under $500 dollars. If the property’s value exceeds that amount then the charges are upgraded to felonies. 

2nd Degree Theft

If the value of the stolen property is above $501 but below $2,500 then it is considered a Class C Felony charge known as 2nd Degree Theft. Someone can also be charged with this crime if they steal a firearm, credit or debit card, controlled substance, or livestock like cattle or pigs. 

The potential punishment for this crime includes up to 10 years of prison and up to $15,000 in fines. But, this only applies if it is a person’s first offense. If it is a second or third offense then the person can be sentenced under the Class B and Class A Felony guidelines. This particular crime can result in a suspended sentence but that depends on the person’s criminal history. With a criminal defense lawyer by your side you might expect more lenient sentencing if convicted. 

1st Degree Theft

This crime is a Class B Felony for a first-time offense and a Class A Felony for subsequent offenses. It includes the theft of property which has a value exceeding $2,500 dollars. It also includes Grand Theft Auto or any theft that includes a scheme or plan by one or more than one person. 

If a person is involved in a criminal scheme that includes stealing property and transferring that stolen property to a buyer and that property has a value of over $1,000 then they can also be charged with First-Degree Theft of Property. 

For a first-offense the potential consequences include up to 20 years of prison with a mandatory minimum of 2 years. It also includes a $30,000 fine. For a subsequent offense, the potential consequence of a conviction is life in prison with a decade-long minimum mandatory sentence. This also comes with a fine of $60,000. 

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