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Divorce can be one of the most frustrating legal processes a person can go through. It is often difficult to discuss and a highly emotional process. After all, no one goes into a marriage expecting to one day dissolve it. The process is strenuous for a few reasons. There are often contentious points regarding the division of property, the custody of children, and the alimony for a spouse. If there’s a situation where you want your attorney to be there for you and laser-focused on the fine details, it’s divorce. Warren Freeman has decades of experience serving his community in central and north eastern Alabama. Warren handles his cases with precision and care. If you are in Clay, Calhoun, Cleburne, Talladega, or Randolph counties, give us a call today.

Grounds for Divorce in Alabama

Most states follow similar laws when it comes to the grounds for a divorce. That’s to say, the legal requirements and reasoning behind separating from a lawfully sanctioned marriage. In Alabama there are grounds for both fault-based and no-fault based (uncontested) divorce.

In Alabama there are 12 grounds for divorce. They are as follow:

An uncontested divorce can be justified for a few supplementary reasons as well.

For example: 

  • There has been an irretrievable breakdown and reconciliation is not in either party’s best interest, neither in the best interest of the children
  • Your spouse and you are incompatible, through no fault of either party.

Judges in Alabama have leniency and discretion when it comes to divorce. In Family Court there is no jury, so the determinations the court makes are based on the strength and clarity of each side’s representation.

How the judge determines Alimony and Child Support

Division of property, support (spouse / children), and custody are the biggest points of stress during a divorce. Alabama law does not divide assets down the middle, meaning assets will be divided in an ‘equitable’ way. Alimony is not 100% obligatory. A longer divorce, and the discretion of the judge, will determine if a financially dependent spouse will receive alimony and how much. 

Child Support and Child Custody are determined based on what the judge believes to be best for the child or children. The judge will analyze the interpersonal relations the child has with their parents, the emotional environment of the household, and where the child’s life will be least altered. Child Support is determined based on a calculation the judge will make. Child Support payments generally do not fluctuate wildly. 


Working with an experienced attorney is crucial for your divorce proceedings.

Warren Freeman, Attorney at Law, has been representing clients in Alabama for more than 20 years. He has extensive experience handling all family law matters, such as writing wills, managing probate, and handling divorce.

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