What you post online before, during, and after a divorce can come back and bite you. Divorce is stressful. It’s complicated. And, it can throw your world into a spin. But, you’ll get through it and you’ll be stronger on the other side. Still, it’s important to keep an eye out on what you post. You can’t go around venting to anyone that’ll listen on Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform. Sure, you might hold your tongue and not say too many things about your ex, but our advice is to keep it classy and avoid the subject altogether for the time being. 

Divorce doesn’t have to be scandalous. In the past, it was seen in a much worse light than it is today. Still, the law is clear. What you put online can be used against you in court. 

Warren Freeman can help you navigate your divorce and help you steer clear of any drama and stress. Check out these 3 quick tips on what to do online when going through a divorce. 


1. Keep it classy

Whatever you put online can be used against you in court. This means during a divorce, during the child custody determination process, during the child support process, the asset division process, etc. Be mindful of what you put online, don’t get tagged in any raunchy pics, and don’t talk about your ex!

2. Ignore your Ex

Don’t do it. You know what we’re talking about. You see your ex putting up a picture of them pretending everything is peachy or them flashing some cash or even worse… them talking about you behind your back but trying to be ‘subtle’ about it. Ignore these temptations! Focus on you. Mute, unfollow, block, whatever you gotta do. 

3. Live your best life

Take a break from being online. Take care of yourself first. Take up an activity to distract yourself. Getting through this process in one piece is a challenge but it’s something many people accomplish successfully. You can too. 


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