Courts cast a punitive look on any DUI charge. Getting a 2nd DUI while dealing with the 1st DUI will most likely cause the judge to condemn you greatly. A 2nd DUI will affect your probation and your new case. Protecting yourself is important here because you could face multiple penalties on all the charges.

If you’re facing these difficult moments you should know that you’re not the only one who’s gone through this. With an Alabama DUI lawyer by your side, you could avoid the worst consequences and get a fresh start.

What happens after getting a second DUI?

A repeat DUI offense, in other words, a second DUI, within 10 years of the first offense, can put anyone in a hard legal position. The law states that a second DUI can be punished by anywhere between 5 and 365 (1-year) jail time. A judge also has wide discretion on setting a fine. They can levy anywhere between $1,1000 and $5,100. 

A big question that gets asked when DUIs are brought up is whether or not your license will be suspended. Tied to this question is the question of IIDs. IID is short for an Ignition Interlock Device. This is placed in your car as a sort of breathalyzer. A second DUI will require an IID to be installed regardless of the BAC at the time of the arrest or whether or not the driver refused a test. This IID has to be installed for 2 years. Probation can also be required to last 2 years and substance abuse classes will also be required. 

What is a DUI Probation violation?

If a person violates their DUI Probation, for example by getting a second DUI, then they’ll face a few situations. In court, a judge might order for the probation to be revoked and they could face jail time. It’s also possible that the judge will order the probation to be extended. Community service and longer substance problems are also possibilities. 

Avoiding jail time is of course the number 1 priority for most individuals. That’s why going at it alone, without a DUI lawyer, is definitely not recommended. 

Located in Alabama? Looking for a DUI Lawyer near you?

The easiest way to get through a DUI charge, whether that’s a first or second-time charge, is by hiring a criminal defense attorney with adequate experience. Warren Freeman is there when you need him. He’s helped clients throughout Alabama and he’ll help you fight your DUI charges and help you move on.