Spouses cite money as one of the most important factors causing divorce. It’s no surprise then that during a divorce things get heated when money, assets, and their division comes into question. Unfortunately, some spouses try to hide assets before or during the proceedings. This is so that they don’t have to let go of them when the judge decides on a fair division. There are ways around this and with the right divorce lawyer, you can rest assured that you’ll get your fair share. 

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How to find hidden assets during a divorce:

Before the divorce process is started an attorney should advise you to get a few things in order. One of those things is related to finances. Creating a full financial assessment helps your attorney deal with a spouse trying to lie. Assets are normally put into a few different categories. Marital, separate, mixed, etc. Marital assets are those which have been acquired during the marriage. Even though separate property is considered just one person’s, it’s still important to take those assets into account. 

Your spouse does not need to comply with disclosing financial documents. But, their attempts might not go that far. Your attorney can keep a keen eye over the documents requested, found, and given during the discovery process. Discovery is, as it sounds, all about finding evidence. Through documents, inspections, and testimony your attorney can build an accurate picture of what assets your spouse is trying to conceal. 


Alabama Divorce Laws

Alabama is not a community property state. This means that, by law, assets do not need to be divided strictly, that’s to say 50-50 down the line. Courts and individuals have more flexibility when it comes to divorce and assets. Courts simply look at what’s ‘fair.’ Sometimes, this means an equal distribution and at other times it might be unequal (in the literal sense of what is split). 


How Warren Freeman can help you

Warren Freeman works aggressively to uncover the truth and fight for you. Our firm can run a detailed audit of your financial situation and help you determine what should be fought over in court. 

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